Welcome to 41 The Movie

“41”, a mesmerising independent feature-length documentary that unravels the tragic story of the Station nightclub fire. This fateful event, which took place on February 20, 2003, in West Warwick, Rhode Island, claimed the lives of 100 individuals. But amidst the heart-wrenching tale lies the compelling narrative of Nicholas O’Neill, the youngest victim, whose ethereal presence weaves through the fabric of the film, often manifesting through intriguing “signs” intertwined with the number 41.

Crafted by the visionary collaboration of filmmakers Christian de Rezendes and Christian O’Neil, “41” introduces a diverse cast of extraordinary individuals. Delve into the enigmatic world of paranormal researchers, psychic mediums, and the renowned co-creator of AVID, Tom Ohanian.

Together, they unveil the profound impact left by the Station nightclub fire, unveiling the series of events leading up to the tragedy, the lingering aftermath, and the enduring ripple effect on the bereaved families and the resilient community.

“41” stands as a poignant homage, an intimate exploration of personal loss, and an impassioned call to action, urging society to embrace the paramount importance of fire safety. As the film skillfully navigates the depths of this heart-rending catastrophe, it compels us to reflect on our own lives, igniting a collective responsibility to prioritise fire prevention and preparedness.

Through the ethereal lens of Nicholas O’Neill’s spirit, forever etched in the collective consciousness of those touched by the tragedy, “41” paints a vivid tableau of resilience and remembrance. Embark on this profound emotional odyssey, where stories intertwine, lives are celebrated, and the indomitable spirit of community prevails.

“41 is a much-needed reminder of all that is good in the world… a heartbreaking and soul-enriching experience… One of the year’s finest accomplishments.”

Phil Hall

“41 puts you right into the life of Nick O’Neill… a great, great movie… Highly Recommended.”

Jason Hawes